Me when I was in Edinburgh
Me when I was in Edinburgh


I completed the Ph.D in Computer Science (June-2020) at School of Computing & Information Systems (SCIS), Singapore Management University (SMU) (Rank 84 Overrall, Rank 21 in Software Engineering Research on CSRanking) and a Bachelor in Computer Science at Ho Chi Minh University of Science (2013).

During my Ph.D, I was fortunate to be advised by Prof. Lingxiao Jiang. I also received tremendous guidance from Prof.Yijun Yu from The Open University, UK. I was grateful to receive the Presidential Doctoral Fellowship in Computing and the SMU Dean’s List for outstanding research achievement. I am the first author of a few publications in top-tier academic conferences across different domains in Computer Science, such as software engineering (ICSE , ESEC/FSE, ASE), artificial intelligence (AAAI) and information retrieval (SIGIR).

(Past) Affiliations:

Research Interests

My interests lie at the intersection of Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Programming Languages and Natural Language Processing. Specifically, I am interested in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve challenging problems for software systems (aka Machine Learning for Code), such as large-scale code search, code summarization, program synthesis, bug detection, program repair, etc. Towards the goal of automated programming, my primary focus of research is to study large scale, free source code data (Big Code) that is freely accessible on Github, Bitbucket, etc., to better understand the behaviors of software systems, and to introduce Machine Learning model to mine knowledge from these systems. This is a step forward in reducing software maintenance costs, and help software developers to understand the source code better.

More details of my research can be found in my Github.

Higlighted Publications

TreeCaps:Tree-based Capsule Networks for Source Code Processing, AAAI 2021.
InferCode: Self-Supervised Learning of Code Representations by Predicting Subtrees, ICSE 2021.
Self-Supervised Learning for Code Retrieval and Summarization through Semantic-Preserving Program Transformations, SIGIR 2021.



  • Get into Dean’s List for Outstanding Research Achievement at SMU Postgraduate Program, 2019
  • SMU Presidential Doctoral Fellowship, 2019
  • SIGSOFT CAPS Travel Grant Award - ESEC/FSE 2019
  • Bronze Medal in the ACM Student Research Competition, ICSE 2019
  • SIGSOFT CAPS Travel Grant Award - ICSE 2019
  • ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award - ICSE 2018